Blue Chevron Burp Cloth

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urp cloths are perfect for the messy baby. Keep these in every room of the house. Every place the baby will sit or lay. Seriously, you need a lot of these. Babies make some big messes!! Pacifier clips help mom and baby keep up with those binkys that love to go missing. They can be attached to any type of pacifier and help keep the binky off the floor and within reach at all times.

This listing is for a matching burp cloth and pacifier clip set made with blue chevron print.   They make great baby shower gifts! One of a kind gift that mom is not going to get 3 of or if she does she needs them all anyway!! 

The burp cloth is made with cotton fabric sewn onto a premium 6-ply cloth diapers. It comes with a matching pacifier clip made the same fabric, metal clip and elastic to attach pacifier. The elastic allows for any type of pacifier to be used included Soothies. They are also machine washable.

To use pacifier clip push elastic band through hole in pacifier, put metal clip through elastic and pull. This should form a loop around the pacifier. Clip metal clip to fabric of baby's clothing. Pacifier is now safe from being lost and within baby's grasp! 

*Always use under supervision. Small parts can be a choking hazard.

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