Nautical Car Seat Cover and Arm Saver

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A perfect baby shower gift for the new and the experienced mom. Chi Fashionista's Infant car seat gift set includes an arm saver and a car seat tent cover.

Arm Savers provide a cushion for mom's arm while toting around the infant carrier and the car seat tent protects baby from the environment. Minky interior fabric is warm and soft for baby's touch.

As a preemie mom I know how fearful it can be to take your baby in public especially during cold, flu and RSV season. Use a tent cover to keep germs away from baby's face, keeps nosy strangers from touching your baby and also allows baby to continue to nap in the dark while you get your errands done.

This listing is for a nautical blue anchor gift set but these can be made in many different colors/prints. Message me to request a custom Car Seat Gift Seat. I would love to build a special gift just for you.

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