Sensory Teething Ring- Nautical Anchors

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Chi Fashionista's Sensory Teething ring is a little different than most bunny eared teething ring. It includes a sensory element inside the bunny ears. It makes a nice crinkle sound as baby plays with it. Chi Fashionista's Sensory teething rings feature a 2" wooden ring coated with coconut oil to give it a smooth, shiny finish while still being safe for your little baby to chew on. The "bunny ears" are made with cotton woven fabric and polyester minky fabric with a hidden layer of food safe plastic to create the baby loving Crinkle sound.

Head over to Chi Fashionista's Instagram to see a video of Chi Fashionista's Sensory Teething Ring

Blue Anchor and Life Saver print fabric with gray minky backing. If you are interested in other themes/colors please check the shop for other listings or message me to create a custom Sensory Teething Ring.

*Sensory Teething ring should be used under adult supervision only. Always check wooden ring before giving to child.* Wooden ring should be hand washed with dish detergent after each use and fabric can be machine washed as needed with similar colored laundry. * Fabric is easy to retie by bending fabric in half matching up the "ears". Pull "ears" through the wooden ring and under the middle of the fabric piece. Pull tight.

Sensory Teething rings can also be used with sippy cup leashes to attach them to strollers or baby carriers.

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