Whales Sensory Lovey

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Sensory loveys are the perfect toy for your newborn and infant. The bright colors of the ribbon tags help capture baby's attention while the crinkling sound captivates them. The ribbons are made of various textures helping baby feel a variety of textures in just one small toy. Sensory loveys are made with flannel and minky fabric so its very soft and gentle for babies delicate skin.

There are so many different things you can do to entertain your baby with the sensory lovey! You can help baby learn to turn his head by sight or by sound using this lovey. Don't forget the timeless peek-a-boo. This blanket is just the right size to play with you newborn! As baby gets older they will become more and more interested in the ribbons and the various textures allowing the lovey to continue to entertain as your child grows!

This sensory lovey is made with Blue whale on teal flannel and Navy Blue minky fabric. Measuring 10" x 10" without ribbon tags. 12" x 12" including tags. They include various ribbons and trim and a plastic paper for the crinkling noise.  

To see these sensory loveys in action check out the pinned post on Chi Fashionista's Facebook page. www.facebook.com/chifashionista

Sensory loveys are machine washable allow to air dry. They should NOT be exposed to heat.

Loveys are double stitched for safety and quality however you should always check that ribbons are secure before giving to your child and always use under adult supervision!

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